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  • In Any Position: The adhesive pads can be used to secure the guide rail to work surfaces, floors, and walls; this means that straight cuts can be made in any position
  • Adhesive Pads for a Secure Hold: The adhesive pads are quick and easy to install in the guide rail cut-outs, align the guide rail, press down the adhesive pads – and you’re ready to start work
  • Remove Any Residue: Even on delicate surfaces, the adhesive pads are easy to remove without leaving unwanted residues and without damaging the surfaces.
  • Transportation: It is also simple to transport two guide rails above the Systainers carrying handle thanks to the cut-outs in the guide rail
  • Angle Stop for Precise Cuts: The angle stop can quickly be attached to the guide rail without tools for precise angled cuts from -60 Deg to +60 Deg
  • Precision Angle Transfer: By using the combination bevel along with the guide rail, angles can be directly and easily marked on a workpiece – without a great deal of calculation and effort
  • Exact Grooves: Using the router with the stop allows you to produce precise, straight grooves, place directly on the guide rail and start routing
  • Zero-Play Guidance: The guidance jaws of the circular saws can be adjusted to fit the guide rail without tools; this allows the machine to be guided without play and produces exact cuts
  • Connect Comfortably: The self-aligning connecting piece makes it quick and convenient to connect two guide rails so that they are straight for long, straight cuts and perfect work results without deviations.


  • Brand: Festool

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