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The M18 Jobsite Bluetooth Radio/Charger delivers beautiful sound with a 40-watt amp, so your whole crew can enjoy music while they work. This is an AC charging radio that charges all your M18 batteries while it plays so that you can keep working all day. A strong roll cage protects the radio from damage or falls at tough projects. You can play whatever music you like with by streaming playlists from your phone or MP3 player to the jobsite Bluetooth radio from up to 100 feet. A water-sealed storage compartment lets you protect your phone or other delicate belongings from weather damage in rainy jobs. The AM/FM receiver with 10 customizable station presets delivers the best jobsite radio sound performance available, and a USB port allows you to charge your phone or MP3 player so that you can have it ready when the job is done.


  • Milwaukee jobsite radio features a powerful 40-watt amp to bring music to the whole crew
  • Radio charges all M18 batteries while playing
  • Durable roll cage protects from falls or impacts
  • Bluetooth receiver plays streamed music from 100 ft away
  • Water-sealed compartment protects phones from the rain
  • AM/FM receiver has 10 customizable presets
  • Charging radio features a USB port for powering phones and MP3 players
  • Charger compatibility: all M18 batteries


  • Brand: Milwaukee

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